Team work builds trust, and trust builds growth
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The past two and half years we have been busy creating awareness, running extremely diverse events and building mutually beneficial relationships. Our latest move is to launch a photographic studio located at the Harrington space in collaboration with the exceptionally talented local photographer Mia Truter. This collaboration promises excellent visual representation of our artists work and projects we are actively involved with.

Blake Anthony Combrink
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Project Manager and Gallery Curator

Lorenzo Bruno
Project Manager and Gallery Curator
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Photographer and studio manager

Mia Truter
Head of Photography
Blake Anthony Combrink

About the Founder

Blake Anthony Combrinck was born in Sandton Johannesburg and grew up in the historical town of Pilgrims Rest in Mpumalanga(The Former Transvaal), South Africa on a private nature reserve 60km from the nearest town.
He completed a technical matric via correspondence schooling, teaching him to think outside of the box and to self-educate from a very young age. At the time he ran his own herd of dairy cattle and was in charge of many processes on the working farm, working a workweek that began with an early start to milk the cows every morning at 5:30 am.
He completed his electrical engineering studies in Capetown but realized that this was not a passion and rather invested himself in creating “KnexT” with the goal to support creatively inclined individuals through his ongoing efforts. At the time he balanced this alongside working in the movie industry and hospitality industry to raise the initial startup investment.
He continues to build into KnexT and using out-of-the-box thinking, strives to keep the business on a constant forward trajectory.
He aspires to build a trusted reputation as a fair touching point between art investor and artist as well as being seen as the obvious resale point, when necessary.
KnexT is alive, its a noun, containing the creative ability of an incredibly diverse group of passionate artists, working in synergy with the brand.
Collaboration is key! Contact us to collaborate. The applications are endless.
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