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The past two and half years we have been busy creating awareness, running extremely diverse events and building mutually beneficial relationships. Our latest move is to launch a photographic studio located at the Harrington space in collaboration with the exceptionally talented local photographer Mia Truter. This collaboration promises excellent visual representation of our artists work and projects we are actively involved with.

Blake Anthony Combrink
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Photographer and studio manager

Mia Truter
Head of Photography
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Oversees all KnexT subdivisions and Administration

Gary May
General Manager
Blake Anthony Combrink

About the Founder

I have always dreamed of making  positive contributions to the world and our society. Initially my gut instinct incited me to move from my small home town of  Pilgrims Rest, to Cape Town as I reasoned finding how I could help people would be easier in an environment like a city. I completed my electrical engineering studies and worked for a renewable energy company for two and a half years. Then I decided to put myself in a situation where I could interact with all sorts of different people to expand my interpersonal skills. During this time I worked as a waiter at a 5-star restaurant, delivered pizzas and landed some gigs as an extra on adverts and movie sets. With all my occupancies I still managed to open a small shop (3m x 2m) in a collective shop space selling items that I bought on auctions initially then started to sell various items on consignment for people who approached me. This went well with me expanding each month as the shop space ran out of space and after two years I had taken over the entire upstairs (20m x 20m) – selling everything from vintage comics and vinyls to polarized sunglasses and contemporary artworks at market related prices. I also started a furniture company with a Swedish friend and we created designer pieces useing recycled wooden pallets. I was honoured to be awarded with the title of EcoYouth achiever 3 years in a row by Enviropaed. The next step was to move to a space with more traffic and interaction as by this stage we knew our product was ready and we were  equiped with the ability to handle any situation. We launched Knext Art Gallery and opened a Gallery in the V&A Waterfront (one of the top shopping destinations in the world). At the same time we had out grown our initial space in Woodstock and so expanded to KnexT Art Gallery in 115c Harrington street, Gardens where we could host events and workshops to unite all of the creatives we now work with.

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