Bongani Vincent is a 31 year old artist from Secunda, a small mining town in South Africa. Influenced by his visual art teacher Ms Van der Merwe, his love for art started at a young age while he was still in primary school. He attended Hoerskool Secunda from 2004 – 2009 and thereafter embarked on a journey to film school where he used his free time to teach himself to paint with oils, emerging as a young afro-surrealist artist.

Bongani Vincent illustrates stylized, distorted and abstract figures/portraits of people who form part of the surreal dreamscape he finds pleasure in illustrating. Bongani saw success in film after he was awarded with a SAFTA for a short film called: “Ana, Patrick and Nicolas” in 2015 and also received a nomination for his documentary” Red Monkey: Afrikaburn X“ in 2016 which sparked a turning point for Bongani as it shifted his artistic direction even more towards Static Surrealist art wher he discovered his love and passion for portraiture.

“As we migrate to an ever changing, challenging digital world, we find an overflow of information and new ideas. A world of repetition and imitation. Being an artist in such an environment calls for a distinctive – abstract approach to express and create.”

Bongani’s work reflects exactly this as he distorts objects in his work representing a detachment from the current state of society, captivating the viewer by inviting them into his world through his alluring work. Bongani focuses on harnessing the power of the digital world through marrying it to fine art and creating harmony between the two. He also makes strong use of geometry to distort his subject matter to pull the viewer in. Bongani is a multimedia artist favouring combinations of oil paint with other mediums including digital work.

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