Anat Oren was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. As a small child in school, her talent for art became a talking point and she became known as the school artist. A new teacher who arrived at the school wasn’t aware of this and upon seeing Anat’s art for the first time, grabbed the drawing and ran to the teacher’s room. She excitedly showed the drawing to the other teachers. They had a good laugh as they were all well aware of Anat’s artistic gift.

After leaving the army she did live shows (Fabulous Fables) all over Israel. This was part of an educational program delivered in an entertaining way, accepted by the Israeli Education Dept and run throughout Israeli schools. The program was called ‘Art for People’ (basket culture) – with a group of different artists making up the group. Anat’s show consisted of painting, drawing and acting while telling morally driven stories.

Anat’s father was Arik Amir, a well-known wrought-iron sculptor in Israel, who bought a house in the artist colony of Safad, where both she and her father, exhibited their art in the colony’s private art gallery (Anat from age 13).From here,she became a full member of the Art Association of Israel and the artist colony of Safad. Her work formed part of the permanent exhibition in Safad.

In 1988 Anat moved to South Africa and settled in Cape Town to continue with her artistic career as a solo artist where she worked closely with galleries such as KnexT Art Gallery.

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