About Knext

The KnexT Generation Of Contemporary Art.

KnexT Art Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa was founded by Blake Combrinck and an ambitious and creative team of young entrepreneurial artists.

Meet Our Team
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Cucu II Charcoal 2000×1200mm 2018
Some Reasons To Work Together
01.We believe in creativity

Creativity is a gift that should continuously be explored. We at KnexT invite creatives of all kinds to join and expand our platform and creative team to work together to reach a common goal and fight for the rights of creatives.

02.We believe in quality

From hand drawn and painted right through to digital printing and sculptures. Our artists are forever producing new and exciting work of exceptional quality.

03.We believe in abilities

At KnexT we whole-heartedly believe in the abilities and success of our creatives. Our entire platform is designed to benefit and promote our creatives and their abilities. Each member of our team of artists and creatives boasts extraordinary talent and has developed their own signature style, from art graduates to self taught artists you’ll find no scarcity in talent at KnexT.

04.We believe in passion

Passion gets the steam pumping and keeps the wheels turning. KnexT is built up from an ever-growing team of creative individuals. Teamwork makes the dream work and Passion gives us vision.


KnexT provides a platform for passionate individuals to market their art world wide through its’ galleries and artisan product shops.

Curated by passion, the diversity of works testify to the limitless talent and creativity coming out of modern Africa.

Strong Eco Focus.

KnexT is a strongly eco focused business providing eco furniture ranges and a variety of locally made artisan products for the eco conscious investor. We are the Proud Eco Youth Silver Award Winners in the South African Eco-Logic Awards 2015/16 as well as Ambassadors for Rock Books made from rock paper in Southern Africa.

KnexT is at the forefront of community development. Through partnerships and multiple projects, KnexT seeks to uplift the creatives behind the products as well as the communities around us.

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Passion our way of life.
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